Vintage Horse Ribbon Wreath and A Big Thanks

I’ve been itching to do a new project and I have a lot on the back burner that I would like to get started with but time has been short. Over the weekend though, I was able to make a few stops at some shops but really nothing caught my eye. I did however stop back to this one flea market (it’s called a flea market but it’s just a huge barn filled with the craziest stuff…it’s a fun place).  I had seen some vintage horse ribbons there about a month ago but of course I couldn’t find them, I circled the place for about an hour with no luck. Then decided to make one more pass in the place where I saw them before and hit pay dirt. I found a straw wreath as well (bonus…you always need a 1.00 straw wreath). I spent 12.00 for everything… good deal I thought to myself as I paid.

What am I going to do with vintage horse ribbons you may ask. Well, make a cute little wreath of course.  Here’s what I did. I assembled my supplies:

1.) one foam wreath (I’m saving the straw on for another project, what ever that will be).

2.) 11 horse ribbons ( I bought 12 but only had enough room for the 11)

3.) glue gun and some pins

4.)burlap strips left over from other project

 Now, before you attempt a project such as this make sure you’ve carved out enough time in your day. You will need enough time to heat up your glue gun only to unplug it because you’ll be done in like 5 minutes.

All I did was wrap the burlap strips around the wreath and pinned them. Then glued the ribbons on to the wreath. I did cut the ends of the ribbons to points, I wasn’t crazy about the cut that was there already as you can see in the picture above so I just cut each one to the points.

I wasn’t really pleased with the results at first but then I wrapped and glued the long ribbons here and there…much better. Done. There you have it, a wreath made from vintage horse ribbons. It has claimed a short time later by my daughter for her bedroom.

Also, wanted to say thank you for all of the wonderful comments I received over the past couple of days in regards to the Windows Turned Mirror project that I did. I had fun linking up for the Krylon spray paint challenge and I just loved all the projects everyone did!

Have a happy Monday!


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