Trying to Find Some balance

You my or may not have noticed that I’ve been absent for the past 2 weeks or so. Was I on a glamorous trip to the south of France…I wish but the answer would have to be no.

I’ve been working, catching up, trying to organize and purge my home (still a long way to go) and also trying to find some balance. I’m always going in what feels like a hundred different directions at once. On the outside it may not be so noticeable if you’re smack dab in front of me but on the inside my mind is always spinning, planning, listing the things I need to do and things want to do. I’m working on one or two projects and thinking about six others I want to get started with and sometimes I’m just spacing out.

Have you ever been there?

So anyway, I’ve been working on some rooms in our home. One project being the girls room. My two younger daughters share a bedroom and have been asking me to give their room a makeover. So slowly, very slowly I with the help from my husband Russ have been plugging away at that.

Here is one photo of before.

Before S&K room

I know I put a watermark on the photo and everything.

I must say this room has been in desperate need of something, anything and it never really fit with the personally of the girls who dwell in this space. Slowly, we’re  changing that.

The colors requested by said daughters… orange, blue and pink.

The past two weeks have been spent making curtains and bedskirts, painting and painting and painting some more.

Here is a peek at the color of the beds.

blue bed

Very bright. The girls love them.

I also picked up a couple of x benches for the room.

x benches

I may sew some slip covers for them but for now they will stay brown until I can gather enough strength to sit still in front of a sewing machine again.

The room is really coming together and I’ll have more photos to share soon. We still have to make some shelving for the room and I’m still in search of a rug  and a couple other of things for the room too.

What else have I been up to? Well, I’ve been working on the kids game room and it’s also coming along at a snail’s pace but I have faith I’ll get it done. I am in search of a cabinet of something of the likes to house the TV and gaming equipment.

Oh and I had a crafting fail with my John Derian poster that I’ve been hoarding for the past year or so.

Craft Fail

So sad. I keep passing and I get mad at my self for rushing the project, because that’s when you have a crafting fail.

Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping by.





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