Thrift Store Find

I can easily be led of task.

Saturday was again just another example of that when I went out thrift shopping for a cabinet for the kids game room and then came home with my latest thrift store find…a table.

Metal table 2

Did I need another table, maybe not. My husband would say with great certainty no.  But, I had a reason. So many times I’ve lamented about missed finds that were wonderful, great, had a place for in my home but for some reason I passed, and always regretted later.

So, with the latest regret from two weeks ago still fresh in my mind and the words of my husband swirling through my mind “you should have just  bought it”, and I bought the table.

Good deal at 48.50. Quite sturdy too. Not bad for a thrift store find.

I ask you who doesn’t need a cute little table? I know on Saturday I needed one.

Metal  table 4

Besides it has the cutest little drawer.

Metal table 3

My plan is to spray paint it in a very fun color and use it as a side table in the kids game room that I’m working on right now.

Metal table 1

What color? Not sure…yet.

If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them.

Have a great day.


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  1. What a find! A fun color is a great idea – orange, blue … so many options!

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