The Last Week Of The Summer House

What is your house like in the summer?

summer flowers 1

Does it have beautiful flowers  bursting out in full color on the deck?

Is there lemonade chilling with perfectly sliced lemons swimming around with ice waiting next to sparkly glasses?

Is every pillow arranged perfectly in a dust free room?

Not my summer-house.

I make major efforts to dust and clean. I turn and smile with a brief sense of accomplishment.

A  sigh of pleasure escapes my mouth as I go upstairs to shower.

When I return it’s like an episode of paranormal witness, you know when the lady turns around for like a split second to put something down and she turns back around and the room is totally destroyed.

That’s my house.

I know I’m not alone.  I’ve been dealing with these paranormal episodes of the messy summer-house for years. I have four kids, they create messes and many, many dirty dishes, crazy amounts of laundry and silly putty in the cushions.

Life is messy.

later summer 5

Sometimes I get so frustrated when the rooms are trashed I want to scream. But sometimes when no one is looking I just smile to myself I think it’s a sign of a real home, comfortable and happy.

late summer 7

Plus, I hear that dust keeps if you don’t get it wet.

I noticed a couple of things while I was cleaning the other day like play dough encrusted on the fireplace in pink.

Green silly putty embedded in the sofa cushion, don’t know how I’m getting that one out.

Ah, summer days.

late summer 6

Also found numerous amounts of pretzels and crackers the dog has hidden though out the house (no one in my house including me seems to understand the dog just doesn’t like salty snacks).

late summer 3

Soon a change will be in the air and the summer-house will change and become a tiny bit more quiet.

More books and earlier to bed.

My weekend was filled with the back to school gear up.

For now we are trying to enjoy the last free days of summer.

Have a great day.




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