The Kitchen Island Colors

Since I first decided to paint my kitchen island last year it has been painted and repainted many different colors. I’m the type of person who likes to see it in full color and if it doesn’t work out…well, I paint it again.

Kitchen 1

I know all about the sample containers you can buy, I buy them all the time. I use them for small paint projects, their great. When it comes to a larger areas I like to see the colors in its full COLORFUL glory.  I like to see the walls or the piece of furniture in the light of the room, live with it for a while.

new kitchen island top

Again, I know about the sample paint container and the boards and all that don’t waste your time stuff. I’ve tried the paint samples on the walls like here.  I really don’t mind repainting if it’s not right color. It’s like an adventure to me in some demented way that my husband will never understand because he hates painting so much and yet he puts up with me (thanks husband).

I love paint. Every time I walk into Lowes I am somehow magically drawn to the paint section. My handbag…full of paint chips.

So the kitchen island has been many colors of the rainbow.

Blue island 1

This is the third blue that I have painted the island and currently is the flavor of the month.


Kitchen island 1

Some days I love it and other days I’m not really crazy about it.

I’m testing it out.


PS~Goal for year, better photos and new slip covers for the island chairs.

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  1. Love the color of the island…love the paint department too!!!

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