The Holding Room

 Do you have a room where things seem to migrate to? Well, I have a couple of them . One is my living room (my son’s second bedroom). When I’m not sure where I want to put something, I put it in the living room. When I change things around in the family room, what ever I don’t use…into the living room it goes. It’s like my little holding room. I think because I really want to make some changes to the room and freshen things up. I haven’t changed really anything in the room since we moved in about eleven years ago. But, it’s always on the back burner but soon, yes… soon things will change. This is what the room looked like the other day when I was making an attempt at adding a little fall touches.

Spooky…well not that spooky but I was able to make some progress and move out somethings out of the room (to another holding room).

  There’s a lot in the room. I really want to change-up the curtains. I would like to move some of the pieces to other rooms in my house.

It’s like the room of the cast off lamps and every color of wood tone of furniture in the wood tone rainbow.

 This piece I painted years ago. It’s actually an old radio that was in the attic from my old home growing up (the radio is still in it) and I needed something to fill a space so, I give it a make over. I still like it (the lamp I’m not loving).

I added some document paper to the back of the shelves to break up the black.

Well, that’s it my holding room…I mean my living room.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and Happy October!

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