The Game Room

Down stairs in our basement is the kids game room. Like everything else in my home it’s a work in progress. But I thought I’d share some pics of this very hard-working room.

This little room is off the hall area I shared with you here.

gameroom 4

gameroom 2game room 9   The pennants I found at a yard sale a couple of years ago and the mirror came from HomeGoods.

gameroom 5 The ottoman is something I made/ recovered. I had a top to an old ottoman that had seen better days due to the art work painted on it by child number four. I ripped the queen anne legs off because I was just not feeling the queen anne legs. I added new legs a friend gave me the legs which were already painted black and found this rug at HomeGoods and cut it to fit, stapled it on and done. It services this small room so much better than the table I had in here before.

gameroom 8Kids game room 100

The shutter cabinet is something my husband made to house the kids books and games and some junk (there is always something that needs to be reorganized when you have kids).

The boy never leaves for long.Gameroom 1 Still, there is plenty more I would like to do for example replace the boob lights in the ceiling. Yet, nothing has caught my eye that I think will work in the room and not hang too low. I was thinking would be nice some crown moulding …maybe.  I am always on the look out for a new TV stand.

The sectional came from Ikea and has worked out really well. It’s very comfortable, the slipcovers come off for cleaning and it seats plenty of people. The floor lamp came from Target. The pillows are a mix of TJ Maxx and HomeGoods finds.


  1. What a wonderful space – perfect for family fun and relaxation…love the ottoman!!

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