The boy’s room

I’ve been working on my son’s room for sometime now with the whispers in my ear “when are you going to get it done?”, “did you do anything in there today”, ” when are you going to do my room, you know I should be next”.  Well, so far this is what I have. I would really like to do some more things like replace the carpet with wood and we would like to replace the fan too. My son really needed a place to sit to do homework (we’ll see if that happens) so I robbed another room for this table and the chair is my side of the road fine. My husband was very nice to hang everything for me (thank you dear husband). I shopped the house for most things I made the pillows and had the flag in the basement. The map is from a consignment shop and the lamp is from TJ Maxx. It turned out to be a more of an eclectic look but I think it works.

This flag has been with me forever in a box tucked away, it’s marked Philippine islands so I’m guessing it was there before. I remembered it when I saw the same flag in HGTV magazine (love) it was in Emily Henderson’s home. My son loved the idea and this way I didn’t have to find a moose head. I just nailed it to some scrap wood with we had around. The curtains are from our kitchen sliders I just added some dark gray fabric to the bottoms.  I don’t know if you can see it or not but there is a piece of driftwood my son carried for like an hour in the rain, so he could bring it home, it took so long to dry out. I  ran over to Lowes to get a 6.00 clip light to give him some task lighting, I sprayed it red (I was smitten by The Nester’s light she made for her son).  So, does he like it? Yes, he gave me a big hug and said thank you, I felt like Emily when she does the big reveal on her show.

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  1. You go girl! I need to find a map like that….I just pinned how to make a map look like an old school map with a pull and everything! You are so wonderful! Thanks so much for inspiring me today!


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