The bench

I bought this bench last Friday at about 11 o’clock in the morning and by about 5 o’clock that very same evening I had painted four times. After schlepping down to my workroom and back up about six different time to choose fabric, I recovered the seat. Well, the outcome did not make my heart sing. In the end I used a burlap on the seat even though I hoard fabric and have plenty of other pretty fabrics to choose from I went with the burlap and I knew I wouldn’t like it. When I first saw it in the consignment store I pictured a Swedish look for it. A week later and one trip to the fabric warehouse it’s still not done. Have I given up? No. I’ve been bogged down with appointments, weeds and the dreaded mulch (just the spreading part, it looks so nice now). Now that all those things are checked off my list, it’s time to get busy. I’ll keep you updated.

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