Fall House…some small changes

Fall. This season has to be my all time favorite. I don’t know if it’s the cool weather or Halloween or the fact that my birthday is in the autumn season. Whatever the reason it reigns queen in my heart of all of mother natures gifts.

I have slowly (very slowly) transitioned my home from summer to autumn. So, I thought I’d share some of the changes that I’ve done to welcome the wonderful season.

I always start by changing things up on the mantel. Now, remember these are small changes.


fall 2015 1

I have this love for rustic looking garden decor that one would see on an old English estate, I’ve always been drawn to it not sure why, I just love it. So, when I saw these two fruit urns at HomeGoods  I was thought I was going to knock this woman over to get to them.

fall 2015 14fall 2015 9fall 2015 3






I really like the changes its not too much but adds a cozy vibe to the family room. I am currently looking for something else to replace the painting over the mantel I did but alas nothing has come up or I just can’t make up my mind, so the quest continues.

fall 2015 5

I have left some shells out around the house just because I love them and they’re ones I’ve collected with the kids.

fall 2015 6summer flowers 7

I did move some things around in the entry. I always love images of the round table in the entry ways of the homes in the shelter magazines and I seem to be always on the lookout for one that would be the perfect size for the area as you enter through the front door.  It’s not quite what I want but it works for now.

fall 2015 15

I move out the other table the I normally have under the mirror and added a bench from another part of the house.

fall 2015 10fall 2015 8fall 2015 18

I picked up some pumpkins from the local Amish farm.

fall 2015 17

My favorite pick of the day. And pretty much all I’ve added to my kitchen.

fall 2015 16fall 2015 11

I think my little dog has chosen this one as her favorite.

In my living room/ office/ reading room/ soon to be something else room I really haven’t added to much of anything except this super wonderful plaid tray from Target!

fall 2015 13

Love this tray in all its plaid wonderfulness and everything else Target had going on in their home goods area!

fall 2015 12

I hope to make some change to this room soon so for now I’ve pretty much have left it alone. Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t come  back next week and change everything.

Thanks for stopping by.



The Holding Room

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 Do you have a room where things seem to migrate to? Well, I have a couple of them . One is my living room (my son’s second bedroom). When I’m not sure where I want to put something, I put it in the living room. When I change things around in the family room, what ever I don’t use…into the living room it goes. It’s like my little holding room. I think because I really want to make some changes to the room and freshen things up. I haven’t changed really anything in the room since we moved in about eleven years ago. But, it’s always on the back burner but soon, yes… soon things will change. This is what the room looked like the other day when I was making an attempt at adding a little fall touches.

Spooky…well not that spooky but I was able to make some progress and move out somethings out of the room (to another holding room).

  There’s a lot in the room. I really want to change-up the curtains. I would like to move some of the pieces to other rooms in my house.

It’s like the room of the cast off lamps and every color of wood tone of furniture in the wood tone rainbow.

 This piece I painted years ago. It’s actually an old radio that was in the attic from my old home growing up (the radio is still in it) and I needed something to fill a space so, I give it a make over. I still like it (the lamp I’m not loving).

I added some document paper to the back of the shelves to break up the black.

Well, that’s it my holding room…I mean my living room.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and Happy October!

Fall Inspired Tablescape

Hands down autumn is my absolute favorite season. Changing leaves, the heat of the summer fades away to cooler mornings and crisp nights and my birthday is in the fall too.  In honor of the fall season a rustic table scape. I’m still gearing up for the season but I got started with some pretty pumpkins from the local farmers.I made the table runner the other day from burlap. Our farm table was made by local Amish from reclaimed barn wood and is 7 ft. long, perfect for my crowd. I love browns and creamy whites very calming.

How are you gearing up for the season?

So there it is my rustic table scape.

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A tray…I’m so good at titles

If your anything like me then you really love… love… love a great deal. I was over visiting with Miss Mustard Seed and on a particular day when MMS was talking about Luckett’s special for August. This very cool galvanized tray with rope handles. Well, who doesn’t need another tray…I love them. I remember being in my mother’s antiques shop and the wonderful trays she had, the big silver plate one’s with the beautiful patina. My mother had stacks of them, I still think about those trays. I bet there wasn’t another twelve-year-old girl back then who loved trays as much as I did or spending hours in their mother’s shop arranging the displays in the store. Ah…memories.

But back to the great deal from Luckett’s I snapped one up in like two minutes after reading the post. 35.00. I’m digging it and I just know it will come in handy. Luckett’s shop usually retails the tray for 45.00.  After my visit to the Terrain I am really loving my tray even more because they have the same tray and the price. 68.00. Did I mention I love a deal. When I saw it I thought how wonderful it would look with a fall arrangement on it or I could hang it on the wall for a memo board, but for today it is a tray. Did you notice the cute little pumpkins? Even though it was in the 80’s today I’m starting to get into the fall mood. The farmers had the  pumpkins out so I thought I’d pick some up. Are you in the mood for fall?

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