Summer Mantel

My summer mantel. What I love about it.  What I hate about it.

summer mantel 2

First, what I love about it. My cool new fish tank from Walmart that’s what.  For months now I kept telling anyone who would listen I wanted a vintage fish tank. I would search the local Goodwill, thrift shops and yard sales. I did find a couple but there was always something wrong with them that couldn’t be fix or they were so gross I feared I did not have the required shots to touch them.

At my wit’s end I went over my local Walmart and found one for 13.43. Yes, that’s it, I thought what a strange price. I mean who came up with that number? Some of the other fish tanks I looked at were priced much, much more and they were used and who knows what diseases I would be coming in contact with.

Granted it’s not very vintage and it’s plastic and had a black band around the top and bottom but no worries, I also grabbed some gold spray paint while I was there.

summer mantel 3

I taped it off and gave it a quick spray of a glamorous gold and then added some shells.

summer mantel 5

Now the hate. Well, not so much hate but bored with.

summer mantel 1

I’ve been wanting to make something new for the mantel to change-up my barn door art I made sometime back but I haven’t come up with anything yet. It’s such a large space so I want something BIG. The boats are my husband’s favorites and I always bring them out and they always end up on the mantel. I think they need a new spot.

summer mantel 4But for now the mantel is where they will stay…for now.

Thanks for reading.


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