Springtime Tablescape

So, I was thinking about a springtime tablescape on Saturday as I looked out the window wondering if spring will ever REALLY arrive, like not in name but really and truly arrive. Warm breezes, so many pretty spring flowers and the flowering trees that you have to drive really, really slow because you can’t stop looking at it all. That’s what I’m talking about.

spring tablescape 2

Well,  I started gathering some items from around the house to bring a springtime tablescape to my home.

spring tablescape 6

We never ever eat in the dining room since our farm table is right there in our kitchen and there’s plenty of room. So for holidays and everyday we just eat in the kitchen. The dining room is more for homework and my sewing machine on most days, oh and a great spot to pile all the kids toys, books, coats, etc…that I’ve collected through out the day waiting to return to where ever they came from. Today, its Lego land.

Do you have a room like this?

Please say yes and let me know I’m not alone.

Our dining room table stares at our kitchen table…it’s weird. I don’t feel right eating in there. We set up buffets for parties but to sit down and eat in there, at the table, no.

Spring tablescape 7

Anyway, Springtime tablescape. I used what I had around the house (always music to my husband’s ears I’m sure). The table runner maybe a be a pillow or fabric for a bench next time you see it. The seeded glass vases are bought every time I see one. Love the seeded glass.

spring tablescape 9

Around here we’re not that formal , more simple and laid back.  I like the mix and of rustic table against the china.

One day I’ll do a formal table setting in the dining room and tell my family to dress for dinner and they’ll wonder who I am.

spring tablescape 3

Some fine china mixed with some dollar store plates and some DYI egg place card holders.  That’s my springtime tablescape.

spring tablescape 4

spring tablescape 8

Here’s hoping spring comes your way…soon.

Thanks for stopping by to have a look-see at my springtime tablescape.

Happy Tuesday!





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  1. Springtime Tablescape is awesome, i loved the idea of egg place card holders too…

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