Simple and Rustic Tablescape

I love the thought of entertaining during the fall season. The thoughts of simple meals that warm the body and soul. Foods like chili…love chili and soup I could eat homemade soup everyday…to bad I never seem to find enough time lately to make any. So can soup it is.

But I’m not talking about chili today, I’m talking tablescapes. Simple and rustic tablescape to be exact. I wanted to create a fun autumn inspired tablescape that is of course very simple and easy to put together.

harvest table 11

I live by at least three different Amish farms that sell the coolest pumpkins but since I decided to shop for pumpkins on a Sunday I ended up at Lowes and they were all cleaned out of “fun” pumpkins only the run of the mill regular pumpkins left and I didn’t want them. I did manage to find two bumpy “fun” pumpkins…and some candles.

harvest table 5

So, this is what I did, I used the two Lowes pumpkins, a pack of candles, one faux white pumpkin and one white pumpkin I bought from the Amish farmer down the road last week and made me a tablescape.

I grabbed everything else from around the house.

In my front yard I have this oak leaf hydrangea and the leaves to me are the star of the plant so I thought I would bring some in and enjoy their wonderful colors.

harvest table 9

I just starting looking for items that I had around the house and in about ten minutes this is what I came up with.

harvest table 14

Do you like candles? I love them and I always try to pick them up when ever I see them and I’m always in the stores standing in front of the candles smelling all of them. Maybe you seen me?… I’m the one who is gagging when I find one that doesn’t smell good.

harvest table 10

The candles I picked up at Lowes smell SO good. My kitchen smelled wonderful, best smelling 4 bucks I’ve ever spent.

Anyway, back to the tablescape.

harvest table 13

My “tray” is just wood from the garage with a couple smaller pieces under the plank to give it some lift.

harvest table 12

The candle holders are ones from my deck. I used the browns and mellow oranges and white to go with the other autumn decor I have going on.

harvest table 7

The crock I’ve had for years I move it around the house all the time.

harvest table 6

harvest table 3

harvest table 2

The acorns I bought at the end of the season last year although I can not remember where.

So there you have it, a couple of pumpkins, some items from around your house and some good smelling candles and you can have a simple, rustic fall inspired table for all your fall entertaining.

Have a happy day.


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  1. Beautiful table!…and how great is it to live nearby Amish farms!!!…I love the Amish country…and also love your blog name as I adore pineapples!!

  2. Beautiful table, simple and rustic.Love those fall colors .
    Thanks for sharing.
    Coming from Centsational Girl.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  3. I love your tablescape! It looks very warm and cozy — just like fall should!

  4. Such a pretty table! Love the crock with the pumpkins! It looks great!

  5. Susan,

    This is so pretty! You have such an eye for detail and styling!

    Happy day to you!

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