Sign Of Winter

Hi everyone, welcome to December. I for one feel as if it’s snuck up on me. I took some time off to try to get the Christmas season started around here and I would like to say it has been slow…very slow. But, I’ll press on and get it done.

I don’t know about anyone else but I like something different each Christmas. You know when you pull out all the boxes  full of Christmas decorations and start going through them and there are the most wonderful decorations and you smile at the memories they invoke. Then there are the OTHERS you know the ones, the one’s that make you question your sanity. The decorations that make you utter aloud “what was I thinking” and “why in the world did I buy this”.

Well, I am so done with the decorations that are why in the world did I buy this.

So, like I do I made something. A sign.  I also shoved a lot of Christmas decorations back in the their boxes all the time proclaiming I will have change!  Then I went shopping.

Anyway here’s the sign I made.

Like all things I make it starts out going to be one thing and then evolves into something else.  Oh, I want to thank my husband who helped me with the sign and who likes to be mentioned.

I bought some wooden letters from JoAnn’s and of course I wanted to spell something more Christmas holiday related but could not find all the letters and winter seemed good.

I painted the letters in paint left over from other projects.

At first I was going to backlight it and use this old beadboard that I’ve been saving but the pieces were just a bit to short. Then decided on the old shutter from the deck.

I was going to back light the sign but after talking with my husband we just used silicone to attach the letters.

My husband added a stand ( note the arrow) on the back when I left the room for a minute and then had the sign in place when I got back. Originally I wanted to hang it on the wall (see how this all goes, start with one idea and then end up on a totally different street). I like looking at it. It glows with the lights in front of it and it’s something different.

There you have it a Sign Of Winter.

Have a happy Monday.

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  1. That sign is perfectly styled and sized just for that spot! Take care, Laura

    • Thanks Laura, it’s the first thing I actually put up there that pulls your eye away from the giant TV.
      Have a great day.

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