Roadside Bench Makeover

Ok, summer vacation is over. I made it through the first couple of weeks back to school, back to school nights and I think I’ve listened to twenty different school messages that come perfectly timed with dinner each evening.

Now that everyone back to their schedules I am so ready for fall. Actually, I’ve been ready for fall since early August or maybe late July  just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Autumn is my all time favorite season. I love the smells the weather is wonderful and the colors are beautiful. Hopefully, this weekend I’ll be able to get a chance to make some fall changes to the house.

But for now I wanted to share my roadside bench makeover with everyone.

Here it was before not so bad but no top. I still can’t think why this was on the side of the road.

free bench

I’ve been hoarding some of my last summer roadside adoptions in the shed and it was time to make some room. So out came the bench. My goal is to get all my last year roadside adoptions out so I can make more for some new ones.

Actually, I have had the bench done or somewhat done for a couple of months now. I made a cushion for the top not sure if I should make a permanent cushion or not, but now I’m leaning towards upholstering it since I don’t really like the cushion sliding around.

Here is my after (for now).

gray bench 2

I bought a piece of wood for the top and my husband cut it and attached it to the top and I painted the top to match the Annie Sloan’s Paris gray. Next, I just give it a good sanding and some dark wax.

Gray bench 11

Gray bench10

I picked the blue and white fabric up at the Calico Corners Outlet.

Gray bench9

Now, I just need to find the perfect spot.



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