Quick Frame Makeover

I’ve had these frames a long time. I bought them at Ikea and they have served me well. I bought six at the time and although I dislike the fact that they have plexiglas instead of real glass they come in handy and they were a very good price as I can recall.  They have stood watch in many different rooms in my house  with a constant rotation of prints.  I have a love affair with prints and it would seem that there is a trend in January when I will search Ebay for ones that I feel I can not live without (I’m not sure why January but it’s just a trend that I have noticed over the years). Anyway, back to the frames. At the time I had these mats that I thought would fit but didn’t and I didn’t want to buy more so I bought a pack of pretty tissue paper and glued it to the back  because every print I buy is some odd ball size and never fits any frame . I like to change the location of the frames from time to time so sometimes they’re in the family room with a flower print, or the basement with nothing in them just waiting. But lately they have been in our hall bathroom with some cool seaweed/sea life prints in them. I bought these great prints a long time ago and just added a piece of tape to the back and popped them into each frame. Bam. Done.  But, for a while now I’ve been growing tired of the color (cherry stain) so I decided to lighten the frames up with some white paint. I first sanded the frames , then gave them the once over with a tack cloth. This step took close to 15 minutes. Yes, I know it does seem long.Then I found some white paint and give it a couple of coats and waited for it to dry. I popped the prints back into the frames and DONE. I think the frames look so much better with the white paint. I like to call the project keep me busy so I say out of the stores project.

I just love a project that gives me that instant gratification.

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  1. The right frame really does make all the difference! Nice.

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