Pub Sign

Have you ever something on your mind and you just can’t let it go? Well, for me it’s a pub sign and lately a hutch I saw at the Goodwill for 40.00 and the girls told me it wouldn’t fit in the car so I passed it up and OH the regret! But that’s another story.

I saw this  picture of a sign in a magazine ( I think Flea Market Style) and of course it is an antique and had a wonderful worn look, can’t get another, blah, blah, blah. It was so quirky, just like me and I love quirky things like shell guy. I’m guessing my husband likes quirky as well since he puts up with me.

So, I ripped the picture out of the magazine and put it on my inspiration board which I will not show you because it’s partially hidden behind a pile of junk(it’s on my to do list).  And there it’s been for over two years.

George The IV 3

So after thinking about this sign for so long I got that V8 smack in the head and thought HELLO make one. So I did.

Since I didn’t have any well-worn metal hanging around anywhere I decided to use some left over boards from a cabinet I ripped apart ( I love to paint on old wood like my barn door sign).  I also used the old trim and nails that were still in the trim to nail it all together on the back it’s not a pretty sight but it works.

George The IV 4

Then I painted it. I used the first flat white I found in my work room.

George The IV 6

I had a little trouble opening it, but won out in the end. It took me longer to open the paint can then it actually took to paint the wood.

George The IV 5

Next, I sketched out George. After I that was done I painted, sanded and waxed with Miss Mustard Seed’s Antiquing wax and then a clear wax. Sanded out the parts I didn’t like, re painted and then waxed again. Stood back and admired then asked any child that passed by me what they thought. They seem to like it.

George the IV 1


I asked my husband if he liked it, he said the nose is too big. But that’s what makes it QUIRKY.

George The IV 2

I can finally get him off my mind. I ended up hanging George at the landing of our staircase for a touch of quirkiness.

Now if I could just get that Goodwill hutch off my mind.

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  1. I think he is a fine old fellow! He will be so happy hanging on your landing to keep an eye on all you! Well done!

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