Pretty Garden

I love gardens. Lavender, boxwood, hydrangea some of my favorite plants. I just love the blue color of the hydrangea in my yard. I cut some earlier in the season and brought them in  to gaze upon. Unfortunately the mop heads are burned from the heat we have been having…so sad. My lavender loves the heat and the dry weather.  I am not to far from The Terrain at Styer’s it is a lovely place to go not only to check out the gorgeous plants but to get lost in all of the other beautiful items they sell. They have the most interesting lights, pots,  jewelry, housewares the list goes on and on. If your ever in the area stop in and be amazed ( just thinking about it makes me want to jump in my car and go). Anyway I’m trying to get to my point. Red Door Home was featuring another blogger not long ago who caught my eye when I notice he had been to The Terrain well. I popped over to Tone on Tone and fell in love.  The moment you click on the site there is this calm restful feeling the washes over you. Loi Thai has the most wonderful photos and the latest post is about the blue garden. Link here to check out Loi’s beautiful gardens. Loi has the garden of my dreams. Well, I’m off to work on another project for my son’s room. I share soon. Have a great day.

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