Old Bottle Love

Is there that one something, that thing whatever it is that catches your eye when ever your out and about. For me that something (among many things) is old bottles.

Every time I’m out whether it’s at a flea market, thrift store, antique shop, yard sale where ever old bottles catch my eye. I may not always buy them but I am always drawn to them.

Growing up my brother would spend days in parks on bottle hunts and come back with the coolest loot and someone elses trash and my brother’s treasures dug up from the earth.

I’ve had this green bottle for as long as I can remember. I love the color and the simple shape.

Green bottle 1

I love old bottles placed in windows to catch the light.  What was once a cast off, is now a star on the windowsill.

When we moved I packed up all of the treasured bottles and packed them away in boxes and there they have stayed for about twelve years…until now.

I found and unpacked some of the bottles that I packed away so long ago and once again have given them a turn in the sun.

Blue bottles 1

Sadly, one of my favorite blue bottles broke. I just love the color and the iridescent look it has ( you can’t tell from the pictures). Well, call me a hoarder but I could not bear to just throw it away.

Blue Bottle 2

So, my thought was to make it into a lovely little bud vase or vessel to hold things. And no, not hoarder things like short pieces of string or twist ties from bread wrappers.  Just things.

I grabbed a glass cutter and scored around the part that was still “OK”. Thinking I’ll pop off the broken edges and that would be that.

No luck.

Turns out old glass bottles are much tougher than the ones made today.  Go figure.

Well anyway, my husband gave it a shot and used a diamond tip blade to cut off the broken pieces.

Blue Bottle 4

It’s not perfect but I’m ok with it, I’ll just add some flowers.

These were a gift from my husband, brought home from a job site. He really knows what this girl likes.

Blue Bottle 3

What catches your eye?

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  1. I love bottles too…you have a lovely collection. I have to say though, what catches my eye is anything ceramic. Birds, pots, fluer de lis, if it’s ceramic, I feel like I need to own it. I just bought a cute little green birdie on a perch at Michaels. It was less than $5 and it really needed to be mine.
    Happy March!
    Ashley Rane Sparks

    • The bird sounds so cute. I’m so ready for spring. Thanks so much for you’re comment.
      Have a great day.

  2. I think I would leave the broken one out as well! Take care, Laura

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