New paint color

For the past weeks I have been agonizing over a new paint color for our family room. My idea was I wanted to lighten up. I have been seeing so many wonderful blogs with their white walls and found I wanted some white too.   Here’s the thing my husband loves color, I love color too but I like to change my mind…a lot. After making maybe ten different trips to the paint store, getting samples, painting the colors on boards, painting the colors on the walls, staring at them at them at different times of the day I still couldn’t make up my mind. I asked my kids what they thought (everyone picked something different) I asked their friends they all chose different colors. My husband said no brown the whole house will be brown. At this point I was saying to myself get it together girl it’s only paint. Most days I stop on a whim and pick a color, boom done. The family room is different since there is this really high part that I can’t reach ( I am all of 5 foot ) so I needed my husband with his height and big ladders to help ( he hates to paint  and must be asked sparingly  for this task). Here are some of the colors. Well, this past weekend we finished painting the family room. The winning paint color you may ask?

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