New old table

My husband brought home a door one day saying that it needs to become a table. Ok, I can see it now. The table is being made for a client for her new home. I started my search for reclaimed materials that would give the table a farmhouse look. I found a box with old casters, brought it home and didn’t like it. So, I was off again. I wanted to find something that would look great with this door, it came to me painted and distressed in a lovely blue.  So, after a very long search I found some really great rough cut wood that came from an old barn or house where ever, it was perfect.  I had some old legs from my stock and this is what we came up with. My husband built the table frame then added the top, after that  I  got to work. I painted  the frame out in a creamy white trying not to cover up the wood completely and finished it with some light and dark wax. The  table is long over 6 feet long and the hinges, a handle were left. I really wanted the table frame to complement the top. On closer inspection you can really see the saw marks. There was an old stencil from the lumber yard where it originally came from (it hurt to cover it up) but I think the creamy white looks great. The table is going to look wonderful in her new home. Here’s another look. I couldn’t help myself.

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