New Lamps

Over the weekend I was out and about looking for some new pillows for the family room but came up empty. I did managed to come home with two new lamps.

New lamp 4

You how each time your out and you see a ton of wonderful things  but your either don’t have the money for it or you have a plan and you’re focused on looking for something else and you totally stay on task and not buy anything but what you actually came to the store for?  Well, this weekend wasn’t one of those times.

New lamp 1

I’ve seen these lamps a couple of times before and liked them. I have thought about them even after I’ve left the store .

There I was again back in the store on Saturday, I texted my husband (who decided to wait this store out in the car) a picture of the lamps asking he’s thoughts. His answer…paint them. My thoughts exactly .

I love the urn shape and that’s what drew me to them and the price was right too.

New lamp 3

Even the finals are little urns. I love the texture of the shades and even if I don’t paint them I like the scrubbed pine look of the wood.

New lamp 1


But…I’m not sure how much I love them. So they sit and I stare and I try them in different rooms. They are traditional with a certain modern twist to them and I like that. And they would look really cool painted in a bright fun color. They would look cool with the plastic taken off for that matter or even lit. We’ll see.

They may go for a ride back to the store.


I know you’ll be on the edge of your seats waiting to find out about this nail biter.

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. What a fabulous lamp! Love it!

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