New Kitchen Island Color

So, I’ve been at it again.


I’m always painting one thing or another. But the other weekend it just so happen to be the kitchen island’s turn to be painted. Again. It has been a variety of colors over the past year mainly because I change my mind a lot and I like so many things but not the color of the kitchen island. So what’s a girl to do.

Paint, that’s what.

It really all started with the August issue of Southern living and the 2013 Idea House at Fontanel.

Southern Living 2013 Idea House



I was flipping through at the supermarket when I spotted the color and tossed the magazine in to the cart for further inspection at home.

As I expected, I was totally smitten by the color.

Pewter Green.

It is indeed very dark but I’ve had black in the past so I have no fear of dark and this green so was different. Besides, if Mrs. Howard chose it for the Idea House how could it be wrong.

I know I have the black counters tops but I do get a lot of light throughout the day so the dark color was not an issue.

island color2

Sorry about the photos I can never get a good picture of this island but it really does looks darker in person and more like the photos from the lovely shots taken by Southern living.

If by some magic chance I do get good pictures I’ll post them.

The paint is from Sherwin-Williams. I went with the Emerald line and I was not sorry. The paint goes on like warm butter I tell you. Butter!

The green takes on different looks throughout the day as well, sometimes it has a grey look to it and at other times more of a blue-green. I really like the way it looks with the main cabinets in the kitchen too, since the main cabinets have a greyish undertone they play nicely with each other.

new island color 2

Painting happiness.



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  1. Loos great!!

    It’s a woman’s right to change her mind :)

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!!

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