New Frames

Our upstairs hallway is long, narrow and a bit dark. It seems to be really great for cartwheels though.

I was out shopping a couple of weeks ago and saw some frames that I thought would brighten up the long dark hallway.

framing project 1

I figure… but I’m never actually sure that I’ll have something around the house to fit in the frames so after walking around the store trying to decide if I should get them, I got them.

And what do ya know. I had some prints.

I thought I had some shell prints and I still think I do somewhere, I could not locate them. I did find these.

framing project 2

Aside from bugs, shells and maps I like birds. Anything nature related really and I’m always on the look out for them.

My plan was to use the bird side of each but the image was to large so I went with the nest side. I had five prints and of course the store only had four frames left the same size but at that point I wasn’t really sure I had anything to fit anyway so that’s pretty much a moot point.

framing project 3

I just took a straight edge and cut each print in half and taped the prints in the back of the matting with some painters tape. Because tape is very useful and popular in my home it also seems to be very hard to come by so needless to say painters tape was all I had left.

framing project 4

All framed and ready to be hung.

Good thing about these frames are they’re really easy to change out the print if grow tired of the nest prints or if I find the shell prints.

Here they are on the wall.

There really isn’t a good angle to photograph them due to the narrow space.

framinf project 5framing project 6

Expertly hung by my husband.

If it were me hanging them I would still be there.

Hope your day is great.



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  1. These are so pretty – they came out great, and what a perfect spot! Take care, Laura

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