Nautical Table

I just love all things nautical. No, I don’t have fishing nets hanging on my walls I live in the country that would just be strange. Although, I do have a collection shells, pond yachts and many pictures of fish that grace my home. I like it and my husband likes it (he would like pond yachts out all year long, but I like to change things up). Well, many years ago I was given a leather top table by my mother and I knew when she gave it to me that I would paint it in a nautical theme. So, that’s what I did and for a long time the table looked good. Here’s what it looks like now. Very sad. I must have spilled water on it and a magazine stuck to it.  I tried so many different cleaners and nothing worked. Well, it was in need of a make over, but what? I know, Nautical.  Not only nautical in nature but the very same thing. Why…because I still really loved the design. Here’s what I did. I thought I would change-up the color so I went with black (if you know me this is not a big surprise).

After I repainted it I actually found the original stencil that I made so many years ago, a little stale but it worked. The next thing I did was to take some chalk(I used sidewalk chalk) and rubbed it on the back of my stencil. I then lined up the lettering and compass rose to my liking and traced over it. After I removed the stencil this what I ended up with. All I did next was to repaint the compass rose and lettering in white and a gray. I let the table dry for a couple of days then I gave the table a coat of clear wax. I am so happy with the new color with its old nautical theme. Thanks for stopping by to have a look at my old/new nautical table.

Have a great day.

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