My new guy

For weeks now I’ve been eyeing this fellow. Pale skin, very regal looking, just wonderful. I just couldn’t get him out of my mind. Well, this past Friday I worked up enough nerve to buy him! I once again  found myself in the local Home Goods store (it’s not that local, but nothing is where I live). It was the third time I had been there in so many weeks looking at him, walking away, then looking at him again. Crazy, right. Okay, if you saw me at the store last Friday  when I saw him again, I think I ran over to him and swept him up in my arms. My heart skipped a beat, I really thought he was going to be gone. Oh, what bliss… he had been marked down from 34.00 to 18.00 I was in heaven! My kids liked him and found a place for him and my husband just looked at me with this what ever look ( I think he just jealous).

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