More Christmas Decorations

Slowly I’ve been adding more Christmas decorations to my home. I start then stop. We did get our tree decorated I haven’t had time to take any pictures but I’ll share some soon.

I’ve had this old sled as long as I can remember.  I love it. I think I may have even taken it for a ride before.My kids are always asking me where I get all this stuff. Most came from my old home where I grew up, all the stuff just follows me.

Something new is this very cool stag head bowl that I bought for the crazy amount of 3.58. It had a broken antler but it was nothing a little crazy glue couldn’t fix. I just filled it with some pinecones that I’ve collected. I am so loving this bowl. The table runner I made from some ticking fabric I had left over from another project.

I have been trying to use what I have so I pulled out an old fishing creel that was my dad’s and just added greens and the glittery peace sign.

I also brought out some old skis that are from my home growing up ( my mom was an antiques dealer so we always had tons of fun stuff making their way through our home growing up) but I really didn’t get a very good picture of them.

I think they many end up somewhere else in the house. I share more pictures then (hopefully they’ll be better).

Well I’m off to continue spreading Christmas are the house.

Thanks for stopping by.

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