More changes

Things have a way of escalating around my house one small thing turns into something big. I not really sure but I think I can trace everything back to the window frame I found at a resale shop which turned into stripping, repainting and adding mirrors. That lead to repainting the family room (and is turning into new curtains but I’ll skip that for now). My husband and I also will be redoing the hardwood floors in our kitchen so that was another reason to repaint. Oh, the kitchen island he made a new one blah, blah, blah. That’s on its way out. So, today I just bought paint to repaint our kitchen cabinets. Check out the color. It’s called Plymouth rock, I like it. Thanks to the girls over at my local Benjamin Moore store for the help finding the color that looked something like a cabinet I showed them from the new Ballard Design catalog that said shown in gray.  They recommended their Advance line for the job. I’ll keep everyone updated on the progress. I’m off to search for 32 knobs that are the right color…and the right style…and a great price…wish me luck.

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