Living Room Hutch Update

I’ve been wanting to give our hutch in the living room a bit of an update. The living room is on the north side of the house so it can be rather dark most of the day. I love the hutch painted black but it needed a little something.

Black hutch 1

Call it spring fever, the need for change, boredom whatever I painted it. Some of it.

Black hutch 2

I had a mixture of Annie Sloan’s chalk paint that I previous tried out on my kitchen island. The mix is Duck Egg Blue and Antibes Green. The amount of each to make the color, who knows. The color is probably more Duck Egg Blue than Antibes Green.

The color reminds me of a robins eggs blue but greener, and since it’s almost spring…why not.

Hutch 2

I shopped the house for some springtime related items (I have two of the egg plates, my favorites), and because the room lacks good light the photos are somewhat dark. I actually took the curtains down to try to add more light  in the room for the pictures.

spring livingroom 0

I’m thinking the whole room needs an over haul and I’ll be sitting and thinking about this one.

painted hutch 1

But for now I just tried to bring a touch of spring to the room.

painted hutch 2

Who knows I may just paint the hutch again.

I am loving emerald-green these days.

Thanks for popping by.

Have a great day.







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  1. The hutch looks beautiful, its co-ordinating the wall color so beautifully!!

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