Little painted chest

I wanted to share some before pictures with you. I found this little chest at a yard sale. It was 12.00.  Of course it was a very dull brown but nothing a little paint couldn’t take care of. I snapped it up and was off to the paint store. I painted it red then black over top and used a graining tool. Well, I’ve had it like this for a couple of years now and I thought it was time for a change. So here is the before picture. The chest came with round wooden knobs but I had my sweet husband to drill another hole for the new knobs which by the way were free and  I’ve had them forever. They came from my father’s furniture repair shop. I love free. I decided that I would paint it a light gray color and maybe use some of Annie Sloane’s colored wax. It just made it look dirty. So I repainted it again. Okay, how about some stripes. I taped it off using a hunk of painter’s tape as my guide then got to work. I paint black over the gray. I paint it all up and start to take off the tape when my husband walks in and says Beetlejuice. Okay, that’s not going to work.  You see anytime I start painting I need to get done. You know for that gratification part. I found some tan paint from another project repainted again then on went the black over the tan and out came the graining tool (after about 30 minutes of looking for something I didn’t even have then finding the tool I used before to be right in front of my face the whole time).  Anyway this is what I ended up with. I really like it. Will it change again? probably.

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