Laundry Room…What I’m Working With

When it comes to our home I really must admit I love change.

With that being said I got it in my head that I needed some change in our laundry room/ mud room. It’s the first room you see when we enter from the garage and I wanted to make it more “happy”.

This is the space I’m working with.

mudroom makeover 1

My husband built the cabinets the last time I painted but we never finished the crown molding even though it would take him like ten minutes to put it up. Like ten minutes. It never happened.

So, I had apple green walls with a border of Edgecomb Gray at the top. After a while I just stopped noticing it.

Here are some before pictures with the very tart apple green walls that just seem yellow in the photos.

I thought briefly about painting the cabinets I lighter color but I really do love the black and they go very well with my black door.

mudroom makeover 4

  The curtains I had made the last time I painted the room.  I’m very tired of them, so they’ll go.  This room faces the front of our home so I really feel like we need something on the windows.

You know in case someone needs to get something out of the dryer in their underwear. At the same time I want the light. With that being said something else will be going up.         mudroom makeover 2

This room could be a whole lot bigger with having four kids and many, many coats and shoes, but alas it is not.

So, we deal and trip over shoes. A lot.

mudroom makeover 3

We added a stainless steel work sink and a new faucet. The base cabinet is from Lowes and will be painted to match the others.

So that’s what I’m working with.

I’ll update my progress this week.

Thanks for stopping by.




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