Lamps, pillows and random blah, blah, blahs

Firstly, I must work on my titles for my posts. I do have goals. One, to make my blog prettier. Two, write something about myself. Three, get my son’s room done! Four, snappy titles for my posts. I said that but I need to really work on the titles. It will come in time.

I love summer, the kids have no homework, no lunches to be made but with the kids being home it seems to be a bit of a challenge to get anything done. Funny, I thought I would have more time. Between vacation and weekend trips to the beach here and there and that work thing I do, it’s made this summer go really fast. The kids will be back to school in about 10 days so maybe I can concentrate on somethings other than summer fun.

Okay, anyway I wanted to share the lamps that I spray painted the other night on a whim when the sun was going down. I have had these lamps for a long time. I bought them because of the great price and the urn shape (urn love). They started out a green color. I then wanted them to be silver but when I sprayed them it wasn’t what I wanted then I thought I would try the looking-glass spray paint to try to make the look like mercury glass. Well, that didn’t work out, they look the same.

So much so that my husband didn’t even notice I repainted them. They look more like a metal.. but which one…maybe white metal like on old toy truck or something. They will change again when I’m in the mood. Not everything works out like you planned…right? I have been wanting to spruce up my bedroom…see I getting off task again. Get the boy’s room done first. I did make a couple of pillows. I’m loving this print! These are for my son’s room.

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