January Mantel

Ok, I decorated my mantel for January. I pretty much just shopped the house. Guess what I noticed…I need to purge. I found that there are some things that I’m just not in love with anymore and they are taking up to much room. I know one thing when I clean out my closet I am going to have so much room. But I digress… here’s my January mantel.

Fireplace mantel 2

I wanted to start with just a little color (although tis is definitely not too much color) and texture after the holidays. Usually,  I do an all white mantel but after painting the walls in such a light color I didn’t want to freak out my husband. The little chair picture is from Pottery Barn outlet and it’s been in the bag since I bought it back in the spring just waiting for a home.

Fireplace mantel 1

The walls are so different to me but I’m loving it. They seem so fresh to me. I am going to make some more changes to the room to give it a whole new look. I have all these ideas in my mind and the changes I want to make. Next on my list new curtains for the room I’ve been looking for fabric with more color.

fireplace mantel 4


I was loosing light so I only took a couple of pictures and not very good ones at all.

Fireplace mantel 3

This January mantel was about grabbing things from the holding room…aka my workroom,  other parts of the house  and just trying different things.

What do you think about the new color on the walls?


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  1. Susan, great new wall color. The hubby and I are heading out to pick up new color for our walls today too! Your mantle looks beautiful and filled with interesting detail against the new light color! Beautiful!

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