In a flash

My plans for the day were to start shopping for school supplies. From there check the oops paint (because you just never know) at a store along the way. I should stop in to TJ maxx just to see what’s new (bought stuff). Oh, there are some paint books from HGTV  that I wanted to pick up at yet another paint store, better stop there too. By the time I got home I accomplish some things. The girls and I did gather some school supplies and paint books but no oops paint. By that time I was in the mood for something but what? Well, this.No, I had the dog… the table. I had bought the metal frame from a barn sale in the spring it was rusty and had no top. It’s been hanging out in my garage since then and the  table saw ( it’s not really a table saw but I can’t think of the name of it right now) happened to be there and some wood from a piece I took apart months ago… so I put it together in about 45 minutes.Here’s a close up of the top I love the patina of the wood I had stripped the piece (it was a small hutch from the trash) there is still some old green paint on it.I wanted the look of the nail holes I think it makes the piece. The wood is different widths but some how it worked out perfectly and I didn’t have to rip any of the pieces to fit. Magical and in a flash. It’s just how I envisioned it when I bought the frame. Now, I don’t know where I’ll put it.

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