How To Make Mica Snowballs

I know Thanksgiving is this week but I can’t help myself. Our family has already tagged a Christmas tree, I think I’ve looked through every Holiday issue of every magazine, I’m checking out lighting at Lowes and I’m ready for snow… Mica snowballs.

Here’s what you need:

Joint compound

Styrofoam balls various sizes but it’s up to you

Mica flakes  (I bought mine from Ebay)

This is a super easy project. It takes longer for them to dry then it does to make.

Here’s what you do:

Cover your work area with a dropcloth. Of course I did and still managed to get joint compound on the dog and the floor and my kitchen still has a sparkly glow here and there but it’s all good. Next, I lined an old baking tray with wax paper to set the finished snowballs on to dry. After you’ve done that it’s time to roll your styrofoam balls in the joint compound, it’s very messy but my daughter didn’t seem to mind. After you have covered to ball in the joint compound roll it in the mica flakes. I rolled it around so they were on the smooth side, then set them on the tray to dry. DONE. I love to use them around the house for a little sparkle during the Christmas season. 

  I made a bunch of different sizes. I also like to add them to wreaths.

So, there you have it Mica Snowballs. A little messy but super easy and fun to make.

What kind of holiday projects have you got going on?






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