How To Make Egg Place Card Holders

Sometimes out of the blue I get these ideas and I say to myself hey why not. I thinking about spring, flowers, birds, tablescapes and eggs.  That’s when I had my big idea.

I’ll be so crafty and make egg place card holders.

Yesterday, I showed everyone my springtime tablescape. Today, I wanted to how to make the egg place card holders.

spring tablescape 9

Super easy.


Paperclay: sold at places like Micheals and AC Moore and I’m sure that wonderous place called Hobby Lobby I hear so much about. We don’t have one in these parts, but it does sound magical.

paints: I used brown craft paint, blue and tan sample paint.

Brushes: Small craft brushes one with stiff bristles

Oven:  (for the impatient soul like myself)

Here’s what I did.

egg place card holder 2

I just so happened to have creative paperclay in my house because I do love the crafting supplies.

I just grabbed a piece of the paperclay and made a ball then shaped it until I thought it resembled an egg.

egg place card holder 3

egg place card holder 4

I wanted to make eight eggs so I just took from one to add to another until they were all about the say size. If the paperclay gets a little dry or you have a hard time shaping the eggs you can use some water. I just dipped my finger tips into water and worked the paperclay. So easy.

egg place card holder 5

Next, I took a knife and made a silt across the top of each egg. I then tried out a card in the cut that I make to make sure it was the right depth and would hold the card.

egg place card holders 6

I then popped them in the oven at 250 degrees for about 20 minutes. The directions say to air dry overnight but the oven is quicker and as I said before I have no patience for that, so in the oven they went.

After the eggs are out the oven and cooled it’s time to paint.

egg place card holders 7

I of course went with my Benjamin Moore paint samples in lovely shades of tan and blue.

At this point they look the eggs look a little creepy.

What I did next was to add the flicks of brown to give it that Rev. Francis O. Morris egg look that I love so much.

I did not take any pictures at this point but here is what I did.

egg place card holder 8

I took a stiff paint brush and dipped the tip into a mixture of brown paint and water. You want to be able to have a little movement to the paint but not to watery or it may run.

I just ran my thumb across the tip of the brush and splattered the paint over the eggs then let it dry.

spring tablescape 4


I made all eight eggs in about an hour and a half with the cooling and drying times.

Give it a try…Easter is not until Sunday. You have plenty of time.

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