How To Make A Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst mirrors you see them everywhere. Nowadays the lovely shape of the sunburst mirror is seen in shelter magazines, catalogs, Pinterest you name it. They are no doubt very popular and why not sunburst mirrors are just so pretty. I think I see a different one each time I’m in HomeGoods.

The sunburst mirror is such a classic they’ve been around for ages and I don’t think that it will ever go out of style. That style of mirror really turns heads, it turns my head every time I see one. I’ve seen so many different types made out of so many unique materials. All beautiful.

Personally, I love them but know what, I’ve never owned one…until now.

How to make a sunburst mirror


How To Make A Sunburst Mirror…using Skelton leaves. Seems different right, well that’s what I liked about it. Love different.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Skelton leaves  (I ordered mine from here)

Round mirror, I bought a pack of five from Lowes a while back for another project.

Glue gun

piece of screen

piece of poster board

Any project I can have finished in just an afternoon is great and this one is one of them. I had a little dread using the glue gun because I ALWAYS burn myself and this project was no different, so be careful!

sunburst mirror 11

First thing I did was to lay out the leaves on the table to give me a sense of the design I wanted. Also, this helped me to gauge the size I wanted and the amount of leaves I would need. Plus, this gave me an idea how it was going to look when I was finished.

How to make a sunburst mirror 2

The mirror was black and I wasn’t loving the contrast so I gave it a quick coat of cream spray paint.

sunburst mirror 7


sunburst mirror 3

Granted it took me longer to tape off  the mirror then it did to make the whole project but the cream color paint it perfect with the leaves.

While I was at it I cut a piece of screen larger than the mirror but small then the finished piece and spray painted it the same cream color. Why screen? Well, I wanted to use something that wouldn’t show through the leaves and I wanted to give the leaves some support. I didn’t really measure the screen I just placed the mirror on a piece poster board and cut a circle the size I wanted it and then traced the screen. I hope that makes some sense.

sunburst mirror 5

Next, I just started gluing. I started to attach the leaves on the outermost edge working my way in towards the middle. I had it all worked out in my mind but after I started to gluing it just took on a life of its own so there is really no right or wrong number of leaves to use. I think I bought three packs of leaves and I still have plenty.

Once I was satisfied with the amount of leaves I glued the mirror to the center and made a small hole in the screen to expose the hanger that was already attached to the mirror.


How to make a sunburst mirror 3

I am loving it.

suneburst mirror 8

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great day.


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  1. its stunning! I’m going to try this myself. Just don’t know how many leaves proximately you have used? 😉 Thank you!

    • Hello, I’m so glad you like the the sunburst mirror. It is so easy to make. I was looking at the mirror the other day and I think I used about 100 leaves. Thanks so much for stopping by.
      Have a great day.

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