How To Make A Faux Stack Of Logs

I was all set to share my how to make a faux stack of logs project yesterday but I ran into some technical difficulties. A technical Goddess I am NOT.

Well, I’m back from the technical abyss and I’m here to share.

Where you sitting yesterday admiring your wonderful  mother’s day gifts from your families when you mind turned to you staring at your fireplace and wondering what can you do with this big black void glaring at you now that the nice weather is upon us.

Alright, maybe not… but I have. In my quest to purchase every shelter magazine and reread the ones that I have, I’m always drawn to the photos of the fireplaces stacked perfectly with wood.

fireplace stacked wood

I like wood. It has a very cool sculptural look to it. Especially when it’s stacked.

I have wood coasters and I dig them.

I love to visit with KariAnne over at Thistlewood Farm. ThistleWOOD Farm she’s super cool, funny and has the ability to brighten anyone’s day.

ANYWAY…. the how to make a faux stack of logs project. Here’s what happened. I asked my husband to cut some wood from our wood stack and I proceeded to tell him what I wanted to do.

I just needed him to cut the logs for me because in my mind all of his saws he owns for cutting wood I thought if I used them, I would somehow damage them… by cutting wood.

So here it is. Simple. How to make a faux stack of logs.

Here is what you need: plywood, black spray paint, logs from your wood stack, a saw and about 100 screws.

Here’s what I did (really Russ because I took the girls to the mall and he made it while I was gone).

Russ measured the opening for the fireplace opening and cut a piece of plywood to fit the opening, then spray painted the plywood black.

faux logs 2

Next he laid out the pieces of wood attaching each piece of the wood with a screw. He worked his way up from the bottom fitting each piece together a lot like a puzzle.

faux logs 3

Note~ since Russ made the piece when I as out the pictures are from my very useful mock-up.

After you add all your log pieces you end up with this.

faux logs 4

The log pieces where cut to about 4 inches long. We left some loose and added them after the faux stack was in place.

faux logs 5

You may be wondering why didn’t you just stack the wood in your fireplace. Well, a couple of reasons. First we have glass doors and a frame around the opening. Second, we still like to have fires in the warmer weather. The other reason is I like the look of the wood.

faux logs 1

Yes, the mortar is still not fixed and yes I could have vacuumed the rug.

Now we can just remove the faux log stack when we’re in the mood for a fire and I can still enjoy the sculpture look of the wood without having to un-stack like a hundred logs.

faux logs 6

Thanks  for stopping by.

Have a great day.

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