How To Make A Biscuit Tree

I wanted to share a quick and easy project with everyone today, a biscuit tree.

001Biscuit tree

I am always looking at things, thinking about how I can repurpose and use item in a different manner than their original purpose.

I was at Lowes the other week, like I always am. I thought about biscuits, the ones used for joining wood together using a biscuit cutter and how I could use them. Hey, I thought how about a tree, so that what I did.

Here’s what you need for this project:

02Biscuit tree

05Biscuit tree

container of biscuits

Glue and glue gun

cardboard cones (I used two different sizes)

spray paint

This project does not take too much time at all. I started a the bottom of the cone adding the biscuits. 03Biscuit tree

I started at the bottom working my way to the top. I  then added another layer to cover the spot that the first layer did not cover. I didn’t worry about cover every inch of the cardboard cone because  I was painting it.

04 Biscuit Tree

I did add a trunk made from a dowel  and a piece of wood from the firewood pile to make the base. I cut a piece of the firewood on the table saw to my desired thickness. Next a hole was drilled in the center of the base using a drill bit the same size as my dowel I was using and then glued the dowel in. I added more glue inside to glue the cone to the dowel.

Next, I just used some  spray paint to give the trees some sparkle. I used Kryon’s Brushed Metallic in nickel, I really love the shimmer it gives the trees.

007 Biscuit Tree

So there you have it. How to make a biscuit tree.

Have a great Monday.



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