Holiday decor

Although we pulled out the Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving day not much was done. I don’t know what it was about this year but I just wanted something simple. This is what I came up with and I am pleased to say I am happy enough with the results.

So, I thought I’d share.

Christmas 2013 11

Most of the decorating I did was in the family room and kitchen where we spend most of our time.

I used a lot of greens and candles.

Christmas 2013 7

Christmas 2013 8

Christmas 2013 1

The polka dots “pots” are actually paper baking cups. I just went out to the yard for the boxwood.

Christmas 2013 9

I love the green cloche I’ve had it for years.

Christmas K4

Christmas K0Christmas K9

Christmas K5

Christmas 2013 fr9

Yes, sad to say this is what I came up with for my mantel.


I started to decorate it and then I guess I got off task. I remembered I had bought the paper star so I put opened it up and realized how big it was and then didn’t have a place for it. So that was thrown up there. Done. I nailed it. Waiting for Country Living to call.

Christmas br 1

Christmas FR7Christmas FR 0

Christmas FR8

This is pretty much the extent of the Christmas decorations for my family room other than the tree.

I must admit I am loving my tree this year. It is a Concolor fir and it smells like oranges at least I think it smells like oranges. I must have nasal burn out. But I could smell it the first two days it was up and it definitely smelled like oranges. I’m sure of it.

Tree 1 2013

Tree 3 2013

The kids wanted all green and white ornaments so we weeded out everything else and came up with this. The pictures are very poor but, I’m looking at it right now and it’s really very pretty. It goes well with my very simple Christmas decor.

The front room/ living room/ soon to be library was given so holiday decorations as well.

Christmas 2013 5

This is my youngest daughter’s tree. And this seems to be the only picture I took of it. I think I must have been trying to hide the fact I use no tree skirts or I again got off task.

christmas 2013 6

christmas fr 1

Christmas 2013 fr 2

The black hutch is so hard to photograph. I added some “birch” wrapping paper to the back and I am loving it. Not a bad look for 2.99. It’s staying up for a while.

I had gotten the deer head last year at HomeGoods and thought it would look cool with the wrapping paper for an ever so rustic look. The sled I used last year in the family room so I thought I’d try it on top of the hutch this year.

So, there you have it. My barely decorated home for Christmas. And just two days before the big day.

Oh wait I forgot, my foyer

Christmas2013 7Christmas2013 6

Merry Christmas.

I hope everyone’s day is merry and bright.



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