Halloween Clip Art Projects

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We did a little decorating for Halloween around my house. The girls and I also decided to get a little crafty with the help from The Graphic Fairy and some of the wonderful clip art Karen has over on her very cool blog (the amount of clip art to choose from is mind boggling). I like to visit often and there is always something new. For our project we decided on some owl clip art.

Here’s what you need:

We did a couple of different versions using the same clip art picture. First, I printed out three copies of the owl and pumpkin clip art on to cardstock and cut them out. I had a pack of Raket frames from Ikea I just painted them with chalkboard spray paint and set them a side to dry. I also had some document paper I just cut to size and used spray adhesive to attach the paper to the cardboard that comes in the back of the frame. I wanted my picture to have a 3D effect so I glued the  first cut out directly to the document paper.

After that, I glued a piece of foam that I painted black on to the back of the next cut out and the glued right on top of the first. Then, I did it again. I placed a book on top and let it dry. Done.

So simple!

My daughter wanted to use the clip art and just add a border and a Halloween font. She grabbed a frame we had around the house and just put it in. Super cute.

I used another clip art owl from The Graphic Fairy and just reduced it on my computer, printed it and then cut it out (I used the cardstock again). I used a book page for the background and added some glass glitter then popped it into another frame.

I had this idea for a project using paint chip samples to create a pumpkin. So, the other day I stopped by Walmart a grabbed a lot of orange paint chips (the guy at the paint counter must have thought I was going to paint every room in my house orange).

So after cutting up many little circles, this is what I came up with

I used yet another frame I had around the house (I hoard them because you just never know when something like this may come up) and more document paper for the background.  Elmers glue spots were used to attach each circle on to the background so it went really fast. I just love quick and easy projects for that instant gratification.

There you have it, four fun projects using clip art and paint chips. So easy and for no cost at all.

Happy Monday.




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  1. I love the festive fall projects you did with your girls! Very cute AND chic! I feel a copy kat moment coming on! I just don’t know which one to do first!
    I’m so happy to find your lovely site!

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