Fun with shells

 The other day I posted about my fun new find of a Roman Bust. I just think he’s great. Well, today I have another picture of him sporting his new headdress.  A couple of months ago I was checking out some of my favorite sites and blogs and went over to (they have the most beautiful things) that’s when I saw their version of a shell covered Roman bust. So wonderful! Granted, the one they encrusted in shells is much more ornate but I just knew when I saw mine I would have to make my own. I used shells that the kids and I have collected over the past couple of summers and went to town with my glue gun. I did use a piece of felt and sewed it together to give the shells something to hold on to. I love the way he turned out. I will have to make a necklace or something for him I just added the burlap for the picture.

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