Fun Finds

I have some new finds that I’ve picked up in my travels over the past couple of weeks. First, I love bird images, not only birds but any nature images, so when ever I see any I get excited. I found these prints at a resell shop close to my home. They are from  an old calendar and came along with two others that I haven’t found frames for yet. They were a great deal at 10 bucks. I found the frames at the Christmas Tree Store they were only 9.oo a piece. I have no clue where I want to use them in my house but they will find a home somewhere. I also picked up two barn wood frames in a very cool blue. I added some fishing pictures.  They went on the wall as soon as I got them home. I found some great old crates and some old warrants I thought were interesting too.The crates are silver I may sand them down a bit, I have to think about it. I still am not sure what I’ll be doing with them, I just really liked them.

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