Friends for my lonely mirror

I’ve been staring at this mirror for months. As soon as it was hung (bolted more like) on the wall it’s been troubling me. I’ll stand in the kitchen and stare. Sit in the family room and stare. Pondering why do I not love this when I loved it so much when I swooped in on it and made my daughter keep checking on it to make sure no one went near it when I was buying it. I loved it when I stripped it when and painted in my favorite go to black. I’ve added a collage of pictures around it and…hated it. Moved the furniture around put a table beneath it…like it a little. Moved the furniture again (a common occurrence) and…back to lonely mirror. Well, I shopped again, in my house and this is what I came up this. Hung to perfection by my laser toting husband. Oh, how I love symmetry. I’m so glad I can  stare and not be so troubled, now that the lonely mirror has friends.

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