Flannel Buck Pillows

Hello, everyone!

I’ve awaken from my month-long design coma, design slump or what ever you want to call it. Anyway, I’ve been absent. Work, school, kids and all that good stuff have kept me away.

Today, I wanted to share my Buck pillow covers I whipped up for the Christmas season. I have been added some Christmas touches around the house but  I haven’t had enough time to really get any good pictures and now with the daylight savings time and the overcast days the light has been less than optimal. So, with that being said the pictures from today are not so great.

Buck pillow 6

I do want to add this is like a half tutorial since I would never subject anyone to my sewing instruction. It’s at best haphazard. So, I’ll basically explain what I did.

buck pillow 3

I gathered my supplies I’ve been storing for just such a project.  I picked up 2 yards of the black and white flannel at Joann Fabric and the down pillow forms are from Lowes.

Next, I printed out an image of a buck head and cut it out. It was my first thought to use white canvas but I found some green wool felt around the house left over from another project so I thought why not.

buck pillow 1

I just pinned the image of the buck head to the felt and cut it out.

Buck pillow 4

Next, I cut the flannel to size. I wanted to make an envelope style because of my changeable ways and I doubt I’ll be wanting buck pillows in my family room come spring. I’m just psychic that way.

Buck pillow 5

I pinned and slowly stitched the buck head to the flannel fabric Other than cutting around the antlers this takes the most time. I just went very slowly using my sewing machine.

I have no pictures for the strange manner in which I then wrapped pinned and stitched the pillows. It would seem on this day I chose not to measure anything  instead I like to eye-ball it and call it a day.

Buck pillow 2

Some how they turned out just like I imaged them.

Buck head pillows 01

Then, later that day all the pillows were thrown from the sofa by a little girl, just like I imaged they would.

Have a great day.









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