Field Trip

I was out the other day school shopping and was ever so close to The Terrian at Styer’s (they could have pencils) so the girls and I stopped in for a little field trip to bask in the wonderment of the place. It’s owned by Anthropologie so the displays are just as amazing. I love these driftwood elephants. If I had these in my yard they would always have a child sitting on them. There are so many lovely plants, I was looking for small pots of lavender for some small metal planters on my deck but it’s to late in the season for something as small as I wanted, plus I was school shopping. The morning we were there was perfect for just walking around and checking things out. In one of their several outbuilding I came across this beautiful blue armoire it was gorgeous.  The worn look of it and the color is so pretty (so much brighter in person) I just know I could find a spot in my house. They have so many different items and  I loved everything and of course wanted everything. On this field trip though it was more for just inspiration. I loved the pieces of wood made into mini chalkboards… I may have to make them myself. Sorry about the pictures these were taken from my i phone. They also have the most wonderful planters. Everything from zinc, urns(love),  pieces from other countries…beautiful. I really love this chair, the slate floor, the rustic shelf…everything. We saw these cute velvet pumpkins perfect for the fall season. The girls want me to make some for the house. I think this table is my favorite, but then I have never met a table that I didn’t like. It would be great anywhere, I could see it out on a covered patio or used in a library with piles of old books. The giant artichokes…love them. The styling at the Terrain is something to behold. This is a place you can spend hours looking around and taking mental notes. I know it did. Well, I hope you liked my mini field trip/tour of the Terrain and that it’s given you some inspiration like it did me.


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  1. Those cute velvet pumpkins are adorable! I need to make one of these for myself!

    Have an awesome day rock star!


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