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I have been checking out Halloween decorations since August. I love them, there is always something new and fun.

Now, that we’re in the second week of October the Halloween decorations are all but gone, giving way to Christmas. Not even Thanksgiving. That holiday gets like an end rack at best, but oh… Christmas,  it’s coming.

But I digress, it is still October and Halloween is in a couple more weeks. So there’s still time to make some Halloween crafts.

I’ve seem so many pretty mercury glass gray and black smoky pumpkins and I just love them. Of course I love all the skeletons, and owls and witches and that new show  Sleepy Hollow too but the mercury glass pumpkins lead me to my craft today.

How to make a mercury glass vase…from a pickle jar.

fall tour 17

I know you’re like…oh my, let me read on…right?


Here’s what you’ll need:

One institutional size jar of pickles, or any size glass jar you may have handy. I just so happen to like pickles and for the fun of it I bought the giant size jar.

Spray bottle of water

Kryon Looking glass spray paint (I got mine from Walmart)

Gauze tape: Joann Fabrics and Crafts

Jute twine:  Walmart


Here’s what I did:

I spent most of my time on peeling the labels off of the jars for some reason it is never an easy task to remove all the glue and in the end I just put the printable over what was left of the glue.

pickle vases 2

Next, spray the inside of the jars with water. A small amount will do. Then spray a light coat of the Kryon Looking-Glass spray paint to the inside of the jars. I love this stuff I used it to make my windows into mirrors, so easy. I just continued to spray light coats letting it dry in between coats until I reached my desired effect.

pickle vases 3

pickle vases 4

While the jars were drying I went on the hunt for some fun Halloween themed printables to add to my jars.

The owl printable came from here and the skull is from here.

I just used plain paper and printed them out and cut them to size.

I found this tape at the craft store way back in the spring and just loved the graphics so I thought this was my chance to use it. The tape is almost like a paper tape and is very easy to work with I think I readjusted the tape about six times to get it right and the tape peeled right off and went right back on with no trouble.

pickle vases 5

I also added the tape around the top of each jar and some twine to spice things up a bit.

pickle vases 1


I like them because they add a cool Halloween flavor to my home, I recycled some jars and the cost was just about nothing.

pickle vases 6 Thanks for stopping by.

 Have a great day.



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