Fall Family Room and Kitchen

When I got my mantel ready for fall I added some other fall inspired touches around the house as well so I thought I would share some pictures of my family room and kitchen where my family spend most of our time.

fall tour 7

I haven’t taken a whole lot out from the loft I just grabbed some pumpkins and other items that remind me of autumn.

fall tour 6

I’m a big nature freak and I love to look at the trees and the plant life and how they change though out the different seasons. Growing up, I remember taking walks around my neighborhood which was full of giant mature trees  that would be raining beautifully colored leaves in all the reds, golds and brown colors.

So, the I items I’ve chosen are the colors nature.

fall tour 8

I’m not really sure what the metal pipe is or where it’s from but it’s been on my kitchen counter for most of the summer and I guess its grown on me so I just added this glass filled with some odd bits. I like the patina of the brass pieces and the glass is something I’ve had for a long time.

fall tour 4

fall tour 05

I love pillows, but when it comes to buying them I freeze in my tracks unable to make a decision because they are all so pretty.  I was able to grab a couple of pillow covers the last time I as out to the Pottery Barn Outlet. My one daughter helped me pick them out. And because I am such a lover of neutrals and love black I had brown with black trimmed pillow covers in my hands but my daughter made me put down in favor of  these.

fall tour 04

I did also grab this owl pillow from HomeGoods after picking it up and putting it back down many trips and it’s brown. Little dog likes it too. The cow print pillow is from World Market.

fall tour 08

I just used items that I had around the house and things I’ve been hoarding.

fall tour 07

I took down some fish prints I hung for the summer months and added these two convex mirrors. I picked up the one with the eagle at a thrift shop and the other is from HomeGoods. Both I’ve had for a while but wasn’t sure where I wanted to use them.

fall tour 2

I didn’t really want to go overboard with orange but I do love the color. This is a wreath I used on my front door last year, I set it down when I was pulling autumn items out and it just has never moved.

Fall tour 13

In the kitchen I just added some hydrangea from the yard. I thought the pink and green where so pretty and they have an airy look to them.

fall tour 10

fall tour 14

fall tour 12

fall tour 3

Just small touches of autumn but it’s enough for now. I’m sure I will add more here and there.

fall tour 091

That’s all I’ve done so far.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great Autumn day.



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