Easy Fall Burlap Wreath

 When I start a project I like to get right down to it. It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing or what time it is, when the mood strikes I’m off. So, with that being said most of my clothes have paint on them and sometimes I forget to slow down and maybe take pictures of each step like today.

Here is a list of what you’ll need:

2 colors of burlap (or one, it’s up to you)

a ruler

pink sharpie (first thing I grabbed)


foam wreath (I used a 14 in.)

1 vacuum cleaner

This project took me all of an hour to complete. Here’s what I did. First, I  folded a piece of burlap in half which turned out to be about 41″wide and 32″ long. I cut the burlap into strips about 1 1/2″ wide (my pink sharpie was used to mark my width). After cutting like 50 of the strips I was ready to wrap the burlap around to foam core wreath. I just cut about 3 strips and wrapped it and used some pins to hold it on. This is what it looks like when your finished that part…pretty impressive. What I did next was easy. I just started to tie each strip of burlap on to the wreath, after each one was tied on I would cut the ends like you would cut the end like a ribbon for a gift and for every 3rd one I would cut, I would cut one the wrong way, hence creating random lengths but that’s okay. I alternated the burlap colors and after about 25 minutes I ended up here. Note the pile on your left, waste. You can probably make the lengths of burlap a bit shorter if you wish I thought I was going to cut them in half but that didn’t pan out. So, now I’m at the point when I have my wonderful fall like burlap wreath and I’m admiring it thinking wow this looks great and I notice the millions of tiny fibers that cover  the table, chairs (black) and the carpet . Here’s where you vacuum for an hour to pick up all the little fibers. But I have this great wreath that was only about 5.00 for the cost of foam core. Anyway, I’ve cleaned up worse.This is what it looks like on my front door. I stood there admiring said wreath again and thought about 12 other places in my home where I can hang it.

So there you have it the Easy Fall Burlap Wreath.

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Great tutorial!

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