Crate Love

I was over visiting one of my favorite friends Sarah at A Beach Cottage (she has no clue who I am), checking out what she has been up to in the land down under. Well, as it turns out she was posting about her crate love.  That’s when I said to myself…hey, I have some crate love too. I was thinking about it as I was reading and realized I have never met a crate or a box or a wooden drawer I didn’t like.  So I thought I too would share some of my favorite crates. There are the ones that I picked up the other week. They are my new obsession (still not sure what I’m doing with them). My husband has brought me home some( he knows how to speak to this girl’s heart with a castaway that he knows I will just love. I thank and love him for that. Others are prizes I’ve gotten from flea markets, yard sales the trash(favorite kind). A lot came from my home where I grew up too.I hoard them really…I hoard a lot really, but I do love crates.What do you love to collect?

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